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Was Muhammad a Pedophile?

The greatest evidence of Muhammad’s lust may be demonstrated in his marriage to a six-year-old girl named Aisha. Muhammad was about 53 years old when he betrothed his child bride. Later, at the age of nine, Aisha was handed over to the prophet to consummate the marriage. The Hadith records this account: Aisha narrated: . …

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Most Women Sent to Hell & Celestial Nymphs in Paradise

Muhammad’s low opinion of women even includes their final judgment and destiny. The Hadith states: The prophet said:  I saw Paradise and stretched my hands towards a bunch (of its fruit) and had I taken it, you would have eaten from it as long as the world remains. I also saw the hell-fire and I …

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Many Christians and Jews believe that Allah or his other pseudonym, ar-Rahman (Merciful One), and Yahveh are one and the same. Considering the vast archaelogical and historical source material to the contrary, one cannot logically make this sort of equivocation. Allah arose out of the pagan milieu of astrological rites and centered on the moon-god worship …

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Resume – Ntakirutimana Leonidas

1. PERSONAL DATA Contact address            : B.P.6734, Bujumbura, Burundi Mobile                           : (+257) 79673083 E-mail address               : Nationality                   : Burundian Date of Birth                : 24.4.1964 Computer skills: Ms Windows, MS Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, MS Office, Excel, Power Point and Lotus Notes. 2.  Languages Languages Spoken Written Reading Kirundi Excellent Excellent Excellent French Excellent …

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The “Mark of the Beast” and Islam

The Mark of the Beast The number of the beast has been an enigma since the Book of Revelation was written. Many interpret the mark as a high tech device implanted into or onto the right hand or forehead. This scenario remains possible. However, could there be an alternative explanation? The following analysis is only …

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