Resume – Ntakirutimana Leonidas


Contact address            : B.P.6734,

Bujumbura, Burundi

Mobile                           : (+257) 79673083

E-mail address               :

Nationality                   : Burundian

Date of Birth                : 24.4.1964

Computer skills:

Ms Windows, MS Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, MS Office, Excel, Power Point and Lotus Notes.

2.  Languages

Languages Spoken Written Reading
Kirundi Excellent Excellent Excellent
French Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Very good Excellent
Kiswahili Very good Good Very good


Time School Country Certificate/ Diploma/Degree
2006-2007 Public  National  University of Ireland,  Dublin  Ireland M. Phil. in International Peace Studies
1997-2000 Daystar University, Nairobi. Kenya BA in Communications and Community Development
1990-1992 Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College (NPBC), Nairobi Kenya Diploma
1982-1986 Institut de Théologie Evangélique de Mweya (ITEM), Gitega Burundi Diploma
1973-1982 Ecole Primaire de Rwintare, Mwaro Province. Burundi Certificate


Organization   : International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Duration          : From December 1st 2019 to January 30th 2020

Main Duties:

  • Identify specific needs of Refugees for protection purposes
  • Assure that Refugees with specific needs are referred to the right partner
  • Ensure that data is collected and recorded correctly and  accordingly
  • Ensure that separated children are identified and taken care of with child protector officer
  • Present the list of specific needs of  Refugees to UNHCR staff for the updates
  • Identify all cases of sexual violence and report them to the  Gender Based Violence staff for counseling

Job Title          : Community Services (Sercom)

Organisation   : Commission Vérité et Réconciliation (CVR)

Duration          : From July15th to November 9th2018

Main Duties:

  • Read and analyze documents related to the history of Burundi
  • Filing documents
  • Data entry from historical documents

Job Title          : Data Analyst

Job Title          : Assistant Interpreter

Organization   : UNHCR

Duration          : From March 28th, 2013 to 30 November 2013

Main Duties:

  • Facilitate the whole process of refugee verification.
  • Build relationship with program staff and the refugees.
  • Organize and conduct interviews during verification of refugees
  • Ensure all refugees are recorded in the factsheets
  • Filing of factsheets
  • Prepare, compile and maintain   daily and weekly reports.

Job Title          : Church Integration Officer

Organization   : World Relief International Burundi

Duration          : From December, 1st 2011 to 30 November 2012

Main Duties:

  • Build relationship with program staff and church leaders and facilitate church integration
  • Organize needs assessment with regards to Programs and Church Integration;
  • Organize seminars for WRB staff and partners
  • Carry out research and documentation in Church that will serve as baseline materials for Church Integration in Burundi ;
  • Train WRB Child Development Curriculum
  • Communicate and engage WRB partner churches in the US
  • Organize, host and facilitate visit partner visit and their activities in Burundi.

Job Title          : Project Coordinator in Cankuzo Province, Burundi.

Organization   : World Vision International Burundi

Duration          : From November 2009 up to June 30th 2010

Main Duties:

  • To participate and provide technical support in baseline surveys, research and project design.
  • Conduct planning, management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the project.
  • Organize and facilitate workshops.
  • Budget and manage funds allocated to activities & report writing.

Job Title          : Area Development Programme (ADP) Team Leader in Rutegama: Muramvya

Province, Burundi

Organization   : World Vision International Burundi

Duration          : From June 2009 to November 2009

Main Duties    :

  • Organize and engage in community mobilization for initial relationship and trust-building.
  • Prepare ADP assessments plans, reports and designs.
  • Assist in baseline surveys.
  • Prepare, compile and maintain monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual narrative and financial reports.
  • Budget and manage funds allocated to project.
  • Participate in preparation of annual operational plans with corresponding budgets in liaison with programme staff and the community.
  • Initiate strategic institutional collaboration with the Government, NGOs, the church and local associations to promote transformational development.

Job Title          :  Peace and Reconciliation National Coordinator

Organization   : World Vision International Burundi

Duration          :  February 2008 up June 2009

Main Duties:

  • Design and lead a comprehensive peace-building baseline assessment for WVI Burundi current and future programming needs.
  • Budget and manage funds allocated to projects.
  • Develop M&E tools for peace-building efforts and oversee their implementation.
  • Coordinate all peace-building work of department.
  • Maintain accurate documentation for all conflict situations including early warning, trends, lessons learned and future solutions.

Job Title          : Peace and Reconciliation Field Coordinator

Organization   : World Vision International Burundi

Duration          :  February 2006 to September 2006

Main Duties    :

  • Assure good public relationships between WVI Burundi and different partners.
  • Supervise, train, and evaluate field activities.
  • Regular visits to project beneficiaries and report on activities.
  • Budget and manage funds allocated to project.
  • Write-up field reports.

Job title           : Legal Representative (volunteer)

Organization      : Communication Centre for Traumatized People

Duration          : August 2003 to September 2006

Main Duties    :

  • Identify potential partners who intervene in psycho-social domain.
  • Coordinate activities of advocacy.

Job title           : Communications Consultant (Several Consultancies).

Organization   : Transcultural Psycho-Social Organization and Mental Health (TPO), Burundi.

Duration          : March 2003 – August 2004

Main Duties     :

  • Filming and editing a documentary summarizing TPO activities.
  • Experience with video and still-shot cameras.
  • Conducted interviews with beneficiaries for documentary purposes.

Job title           : Project Manager (Kayanza Province) [handover of project from British NGO Tearfund]

Organization   : African Revival Ministries, Burundi.

Duration          :  March 2001-May 2005

Main Duties    :

  • Sensitize communities regarding project activities in Kayanza.
  • Ensure smooth hand-over between African Revival Ministries and Tearfund including maintaining good relations with latter agency.