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Magellan and the Patagonian Giants

Port St. Julian On September 20, 1519, Captain-General Ferdinand Magellan set sail from San Lucar, Spain with a five-vessel fleet to discover a route to the Spice Islands (the Moluccas). Magellan sailed southwest along the South American coastline. After departing Rio de Janeiro, they began to search for a strait which would lead them to …

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The Large Ships of Antiquity

by Larry Pierce.   Each generation produces a fresh crop of sceptics who are legends in their own minds. C. H. Spurgeon wryly said about such men in his day: ‘It is but the shallowness of his mind that permits him to see the bottom of his knowledge.’ 1 We should not be surprised that …

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Colossal Ancient Ships

ARCHAEOLOGY NEWSFLASH 301 brett, this news is from Jonathan Gray – I don’t know about you, but at school I found history – the way it was taught – rather boring. Mind you, I did like history – at least when at home, reading it for myself, enjoying the stories of peoples’ lives. Who …

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