Gun Confiscation as Prelude to the Armenian Genocide


The Islamic Turks had fought many wars and committed many heinous crimes of war leading up to their eventual collapse. Into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the Muslim invasions had continued relentlessly. From 1894-1896, the Turkish Muslims slaughtered over 250,000 Armenian Christians. In 1904 and 1909, another 30,000 Armenians were murdered. Once again, in 1915, just prior to World War I, the Muslim Turks systematically carried out the genocide of a million Armenians. Many were gunned down, “drowned (including children), and thrown over cliffs; those who survived were deported or reduced to slavery.”[46]

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One may ponder how these genocides could be so effective. The Islamic Turks instituted draconian weapons confiscation by instituted threats of torture and death. The Armenian soldiers within the ranks of the Turkish army were targeted first. They were forced into forced labor groups and their weapons confiscated. Later, they would be led out to dig their own graves and summarily executed. Next the government turned toward disarming the citizens. One may wonder how Armenian citizens were duped into surrendering their weapons. The Armenian religious and civic leaders were used as tools to implement mass propaganda against their own people. This tactic convinced some but many Armenians were reluctant based upon their past experience of the 1895-96 atrocities which included prior weapons confiscations. Nevertheless, the Turks increased their pogroms by ordering all Armenians to produce a certain quota of weapons. Of course, this was not even feasible since many did not own any guns. The results were merciless: Those who could not surrender any weapons were severely tortured; those who obtained some by purchase or trade were sent to prison for treason and also tortured; and those discovered to have hidden weapons tortured with the maximum intensity. Once the Armenians were disarmed the genocidal slaughter entered into full swing with mass deportations and murder.

Under the guise of an ordered deportation policy the Muslims were able to deceive other nations from any intervention. In reality, most of those forced into the train cars were executed en route or died of starvation. Others, who went by sea were often thrown overboard and drowned. Those who made the journey to the concentration camps in the Syrian Desert and along the Euphrates were either executed or died of malnutrition or disease.[47]



Meanwhile complete religious cleansing swept through the Armenian provinces. Karsh cites an example from the province of Van:

The main executioner was Djevdet Pasha, the brother-in-law of the minister of war, Enver Pasha, who, in February 1915, was made governor of Van. A sadist known throughout Armenia as the “horseshoe of Bashkale” for his favorite pastime of nailing horseshoes to the feet of his victims, Djevet inaugurated his term in office by slaughtering some eight hundred people—mostly old men, women, and children. By April the death toll had risen to ten thousand, and in the following months the population of the Van zone would be systematically exterminated.[48]

Murderer Turks

Hitler would use this model of Armenian genocide for his own tool for a holocaust. Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were both impressed by the Islamic Turk’s methods of quiet exterminations. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and most other mass genocidal maniacs instituted complete gun confiscations shortly before they implemented their reigns of terror and slaughter of millions. The Muslims were pioneers in the policy of disarming the populace for their subsequent exterminations; emulated by all the great dictators of the twenty first century.


The citizens of the United States of America have been blessed by the foresight of the founding fathers in securing the right to bear arms under a constitutional law. The founders were all keenly aware of the atrocities governments could potentially impose based upon the history of Europe and their current struggles forming the new Republic.

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In addition to weapon confiscations, Hitler also used trains to transport his victims to concentration camps, often packed to triple capacity, thus many died en route. Furthermore, Hitler gave free reign to torture such as the Muslims had done. Walid Shoebat, in God’s War on Terror:  Islam, Prophecy and the Bible, cites an historical account:

“Hitler was even more impressed with how the Turks got away with genocide. On Aug. 22, 1939, Hitler explained that his plans to invade Poland included the formation of death squads that would exterminate men, women, and children. He asked, ‘who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”[49]


Hitler continued to conspire with the Muslims in an unholy cabal to exterminate the Jews during World War II. It is entirely conceivable, given our current economic, political and global climate; that in the biblical Last Days another coalition will form between Islam and a future powerful dictator. Or, possibly, Islam itself will subdue the world. The Apostle John prophesied: “One of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed” (Rev. 13:3). The end of the Islamic Caliphate in 1924 was a fatal blow to the beast (Antichrist Empire) and yet, now is reviving, consolidating and expanding in a torrid pace. Eventually, the beast will be ‘healed’ when the Caliphate is re-instituted. John continues, “The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, then he was not, and yet came again” (Rev. 17:8).

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