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A shocking, riveting, intriguing re-discovery of history, culture, philosophy and the emerging of a key individual that became the instrument to catapult the Islamic religion. The impact of ancient Arabian folklore with its stone and astral cults, shamanism, various Judaic traditions, heretical sects within Christianity, and prevalent moon-god veneration, all rolled together in the mind of Muhammad, who carved out a kind of salad religion, taking bits and pieces and countering with his own ‘amendable bible,’ the Qur’an. His unique approach to religious policy, women’s rights, sexuality and gaining adherents are all candidly revealed. His militant, religious movement to achieve global domination is traced from its beginnings, through the Crusades period, all the way to its impact on current world views. Islam’s positioning in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy is shown to be a stark reality on the End Time clock.

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