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Was Muhammad a Pedophile?

The greatest evidence of Muhammad’s lust may be demonstrated in his marriage to a six-year-old girl named Aisha. Muhammad was about 53 years old when he betrothed his child bride. Later, at the age of nine, Aisha was handed over to the prophet to consummate the marriage. The Hadith records this account:

Aisha narrated: . . . my mother, um Ruman came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted me to do. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became allright, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. . . . Unexpectedly, Allah’s Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.[7]

Before the age of puberty, the young child was brought to the prophet Muhammad to have sexual consummation. A vivid portrayal of her young age had been recorded in one of the hadiths:

I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah’s Apostle used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the prophet would call them to join and play with me. The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for Aisha, at that time she was a little girl, she did not yet reach the age of puberty.[8]

Imagine, the 53 year old prophet Muhammad having sexual intercourse with this innocent child who played with her dolls. Muhammad joins the ranks of many other religious cult leaders who have engaged in unbiblical sexual practices. Amazingly, throughout the world, Muhammad has been revered and idolized by Muslim men for centuries. In several countries, older Muslim men often legally marry young girls before they reach puberty. Islamic law permits young girls to be given away in marriage.[9] Based upon their own lustful role model these men choose to harm innocent children and mentally scar them for life.

With the exploding population of Muslims in England, the divorce laws have been altered for those who follow the Islamic faith. The question remains, what other laws may be subsequently changed to cater to Islam’s perverted forms of justice and sexual deviations? Will pedophilia be allowed for Muslims? Will they establish Sharia law zones in provinces that have significant Muslim populations? Will political correctness bend to the whims of the Islamic factions and surrender their own common law heritage?


Islamists excuse Muhammad’s marriage to the child bride based upon his wish to unite the Arabic Bedouin tribes. This type of circular reasoning creates an even greater dilemma. Since many of the leaders of the Arabic tribes had older daughters and sisters, why could Muhammad not marry one of them? The answer appears to be quite evident; Muhammad’s unbridled sexual appetite compelled him to partake in the most perverted indulgence, pedophilia. Virtually, any modern court of law would pronounce Muhammad guilty as a pedophile.

Muhammad’s derogatory view of women has been irrefutably demonstrated. Whereas, the biblical revelation of the Holy Bible has given women equality to that of a man, but the Qur’an relegates women to the status of an animal (cattle) or soil to be tilled. Muhammad exemplified antisocial behavior devoid of conscience regarding the rights of women and young girls. His pronouncements and condoning of women-beating demonstrates that he should be classified as a sadistic psychopath; not only to women but also to those who oppose his false teachings. Muhammad was a vicious, cruel man, who instituted a religion of violence by the sword with little regard for human rights, especially to women.

From Chapter 11 of Mecca, Muhammad & the Origins of Islam:  A Candid Investigation Into the Origins of Islam.

[7] al-Boukhari, Hadith, vol. 5, no. 3894:88-9.

[8] al-Boukhari, Hadith, vol. 8, no. 6130:49.

[9] n.a., Behind the Veil, 81-3.


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  • nasurudeen

    Mr. Brett, Why you missed the balance history of Mohamad. You should be understood the differance between faith and history. Ever you won’t understand this history until you have faith on Isalm.

  • muslim

    Ohh !!!…You are Mistaken
    I’m Egyptian muslim
    muhamad was married to one woman (khadiha) who was Ten years older than him for 25 years &he didn’t marry another woman in her life….
    alse he stayed 3 years after her death without marriage !!!!!!

    muhammad married (Aisha) in such young age because she helped him to teach islamic teachings to women , she Narrated third of his sayings and teachings after his death (as young persons save and remember easier than Older persons)
    i read about christianity very well, i read the bible (Old Testament , New Testament)
    you must read About islam from official resources to know the truth
    every day big number of americans converts to islam
    big number of priests and sister also converts
    Ask your self why the do ????!!
    That man knows more than me about Islam and christianity
    if you want To know about islam just contact him
    This is his Official Profile
    may God Guide You Bro.

    • BigFaith

      Greetings from USA to Egypt. In response to your comment I will likewise remark: During his lifetime, Muhammad married many wives. Various scholars have estimated the number of his wives ranging from fourteen to sixteen; in addition he had many concubines and slave-girls. It is worth pointing out that Muhammad elevated himself above Allah’s law. The Qur’an limits the number of wives to a maximum of four per man: Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if you fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess (Qur’an 4:3). At the time of Muhammad’s death, he had nine wives and two concubines. Muhammad broke the law proscribed in the Qur’an by having a minimum of 9 wives at one time. He clearly was not a true prophet in the biblical lineage. For further listing of Muhammad’s wives see this link: http://www.usf.edu.pk/wives.html In addition, do you not think it perverse for a man in his fifties to be married to a girl of 6 then consummate marriage at age 9? Just making a logical observation. Glad you are reading Old and New Testaments.

      • Mallik

        Fuck you American devil. Now you devils will explain us what is Islam. huh..Go go make first sex movies and do sex with your own daughter and mother as you american are doing and that is you fuckers have so called culture. Bullshit your community and you third class religion! You fuckers pointing to some one what he did is wrong in your opinion. What do you know about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
        You havn’t seen that your pope, priests what they doing? Why they are keeping vergin nuns in church. I will tell you. To fulfill their sexual desire behind the religion. They were using nuns to fuck her and the fucker and lusty popes were exploiting her on the name of Christinity. You guys are like a asshole.

        • mallik

          You bigfaith, you look like a demon. I have seen lots of sex movies and all comes from Americans. i mean Christians. They have been shown clearly that they are fucking to her daughter,mothers and sisters. This is the real value of your shit culture which smells very bad. No one likes your culture dear. Go make sex movies first with your wife, sister or daughter and sell them for money, don’t come here to give your stupid thinking. Go fuck your nuns..Ask your father or Pope how they are breaking the verginity of young girls and do the same like them also go to hell.

          • unknown pakistani

            Sitting in pakistan we been given wrong expression that all americans and british are christians. Christianity is not like islam , that been born in islamic home means you are muslim. there are few who are born again christians. even christians are persecuted in america and uk because they dont want to hear about true God.

          • jk

            why were you watching american sex movies??

        • JK

          BigFaith is right on the money! If anyone is fucking nuns…so what? At least they are adults and not “mature” babies…..

        • booba

          fuq mohd

      • Hassan Ali Akhtar

        Well let me tell you big faith, he was and till forever remains the perfect human being that ever set foot on earth. I dont know who you are and what religion do you follow (bet you dont follow any) but deep down you know whats right. you can bring about all the false information that you can, but you see no one actually gives a damn. We Muslims still have faith and we believe what’s right. Muslims are the largest population in this world and you know that. You just cant admit the fact that you’re the one lost. Should i remind you that it was Muhammad PBUH who drew a line across the moon with his index finger? Should i remind you that he went across the skies to heaven and back all in one night with the time stopped? Should i remind you that even his enemies respected him for his kindness and honesty? I challenge you BigFaith, find someone better than Prophet Muhammad Pbuh

        • BigFaith

          I follow the only true perfect one, Jesus Christ (Yahsu). The Bible records that Jesus was perfect because he was God with us. Islam follows the gospels so you should know this. In contrast, Muhammad admitted he was a sinner in the Islamic hadith. he attempted to kill himself many times which is considered a great sin in Islam as well as Christianity. Do you really think a 53 year old man having sex with a 9 year old girl is a perfect human being? What universe do you live in? Clearly you choose to ignore the facts even from your own religious writings. I hope you open your eyes before it is too late. As you know there is no assurance of salvation in Islam except dying in Jihad. All Muslims will live in hellfire purgatory for a long time according to Islamic hadith. You know this to be true unless you are unfamiliar with the Islamic writings. Only Jesus gives salvation to those who believe in his atoning sacrifice for our sins.

          • Hassan Ali Akhtar

            Deuteronomy 18:18 “I will raise for them a Prophet like you (Moses) from among their brethren and will put My words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them, all that I command him.”

            Jesus was never the God, he was a prophet, and after him was Muhammad PBUH, Even your so called (BIBLE) mentions it. Muhammad has always been the perfect one, it had been decided since the very start of this universe, since ADAM set foot on earth. The perfect human being can never make a mistake, he married Hazrat Aisha when she was 12years old, not 9.

          • BigFaith

            Yes indeed, Jesus was a prophet and also a priest after the order of Melchizedek. But he was also God incarnate. The Scriptures give plenty of evidence to this fact. Exodus 3.14 says, “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” And in John 8:49 Jesus replies to the Jewish leaders, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was, I AM.” Then the Jews tried to stone him for blasphemy (claiming to be God). Jesus was the word made flesh. John 1:1 says in reference to the coming Christ, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.” I could cite many more references if requested. Show me your proof in your own writings of Islam where Aisha was 12 years old when Muhammad married her. You will not find it since it is not true. The Hadith says she was 9 at consummation.

        • hanna

          Jesus Christ said ‘we will know them by their fruits’.Mohammad is declared to be the perfect man and muslims are to strive to be like him.The perfect man therefr must:
          steal from infidels(bible:thou shalt not steal
          2#to own slaves
          3#beat wives
          4#condemn most women to hell
          5# covet the wife of infidels
          6#to have sex with animals and children(please read how Ayatollah Khomeini little green book on how to satisfy ones lust is full of perverted sex acts)
          7#its ok to lie if it advances Islam
          8#adultery is ok
          Mohammad broke every one of Gods commandment and taught others to do so calling evil good and good evil. God has declared that for those to continue to do this He will send a delusion that they will beleive a lie.There is a terrible price to pay spiritually and mentally if one insist in doing evil and calling it ‘Holy’.Mohammad’s vileness&inhumanity is beyond comprehension. He blasphemes the very nature of our Holy God

          • cute_girl

            oh…plzz…girl…….i suggest u to read QURAN….n go to a qualified scholar….surely i pray …may ALLAH gives u real knwledge…

    • vero

      lies, lies, lies

  • Christian

    People convert to Islam simply because they have been let astray by Satan himself.sorry but Muhammad did not die on the cross for your sins.Jesus Christ did.Nice to hear that you are reading the bible. I pray that the Holy Spirit moves through you and many others before its too late.”Jesus is God, even the demons know this”

    • qr

      realy now….jesus is god….will while i respect that you are probrably an american
      from the way that you speak muhammad was 32 when he married aisha and aisha was 12 and by the way that photo up there that says hammas marries child brides..
      what they looked away from was when the marrige actioaly acurres the have to wait 10 years to get married…oh and did you know…most euorope had pedophielik tendansees for childs and dont get me started on your soo called “pope” that guy
      thinks raping childs is a sport….and another thing your religion says jesus is the son of god not is god althuo that is a lie also who are you people to judge are religion
      why should your religion be the true one huh ..do you have any proof
      and what do you mean by the son of god
      god is niether male or female he is not a human he is greater than any one could imagine not me or you…now im not blinded by religion like you seem to be
      im just setting facts here….
      did you know that women in the middle east reach full maturaty at a very young age like 8-9 and thats becuase of the heat factor also muhammed wasnt a special case
      he was one of many people who married young brides in the middle east and africa
      it was considerd very natural beacuase there was no such thing as child abuse or R rated movies get it now it was very normal
      and this messige isnt only for you its for any jew or christian who tries to speak wrongly of muhammed
      so just becuase its “wrong” in YOUR culture dos’nt mean you can judge them by your standarts of wrong

      • BigFaith

        It is quite clear in the Islamic writings of the Qur’an and Hadith that Aisha was 9 and Muhammad 53 or 54 when he consummated his marriage with his child bride.
        See this related site for further hadith quotations from original sources and you will know the truth.
        The Pope does not represent all of Christianity, only Catholicism. And yes, many Popes and Bishops have committed heinous sins in the past just like Muhammad.
        Jesus (Yahsu) is God and came in the flesh to die for all men’s sins.
        In western nations and other free societies one can express ones opinion without reprisals. However, in many Islamic countries it is quite the opposite. Why is that? If one was confident in one’s faith there should be no problems or fatwahs issued.

        • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

          People forget. the Pope is a man, a person. People commit sins and are not perfect. Plus, the Pope is doing his best, dealing with a really terrible situation, especially Paedophilia. Even he sees as disgusting and really big problem in the church. To say, like QR not to speck wrongly of Muhammad about his marriage of a child and to say it’s normal at this time, shows a great denial of paedophilia, which still a big issue today. I know a lot of Muslims hate to challenge and ask questions about their faith. But really you should. A lot of Muslims today are making changes and see child brides are wrong and mentally and physically harm children.

      • vero

        every muslim lies, when speaks about muhammad

      • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

        QR child brides are not uncommon in Islam and still practiced today, because of Muhammad’s relationship with a child. A lot of Muslims today see taking child brides is very bad ethically and health wise. Another note, the Pope is against Paedophilia and certainly doesn’t look upon it as sport. You are making assumptions and stereotypes of the Pope, when you really don’t understand anything of the troubles of the Pope and Christian faith and how their dealing with it or the Western or Asian world for the matter of fact. Paedophilia is against the Christian and Jewish faith, especially many other religions faiths. By also saying most Europeans have paedophilia tendencies, is another discriminatory assumption. As their isn’t a country in the world from Europe, Asia and the Middle East that doesn’t have these terrible problems with Paedophilia and other criminal behaviour. Even Africa is doing it’s best to stop child brides. All people of what every religion, race and culture have these issues. If you don’t believe in Jesus as the son of God or even God as being Male. It really is just your problem! A lot of Muslims believe God is Male. Moreover, Heat doesn’t affect the maturity of a child, that is a ignorant uneducated thought without proof; speck to your Doctor, who will tell you of the health and mental problems of child taken as a bride. Whether you believe it or not a child even at 8-9 is still a child and doesn’t have the mental capacity as a adult! I’m not surprised what happened in ancient times, as those in power, money or strength took over and dictated to those that don’t, which was normal in their mind, but not in the minds and behaviour of others. The problem is Paedophilia still goes on today all over the world, based on religious beliefs or not. QR R rated movies don’t stop sex offences and find it very silly you even mentioned it. Goodness! We people have the right to speck about anyone, any religion, even Muhammad. What appeared to you as normal in ancient times, is not today. We can Judge as we wish, even African’s, which I think you are, have been judging those taking child brides and practicing this horrid behaviour. That’s right QR Africans are judging such behaviour as well, not just Christians, Jews or other religions.

    • faisal

      i hope if you read Quran one time you can get holy spirit because jesus will come again in this world by becoming the follower of Muhammad SAW. Then you people know who is correct.

      • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

        Actually, faisal. In the Christian religion it states of 2 Jesus one is real the other fake (the Anti-Christ), leading people astray. This being will cause sacrilege to the 3rd Temple. Those that refuse to join are killed by cutting of the head, as he is a dictator. Lets say this Muslim Jesus turns up and many people refuse. What then! Will you and other Muslims cause mass murder, because they didn’t change their religion. Cutting all their heads off.

  • Alireza

    Aisha was very smart and clever and she was more than 10 years old (not 6). According to her race ,she was absolutely mature. Furthermore the marriage with such a little girl was worldwide conventional at 1000 years ago.

    • vero

      yes, and black is white…

    • “according to her race”…yet another racist remark from a Muslim. Nazi fuck.

    • JK

      according to this article, she was 9 when your prophet raped her! playing with dolls….very mature for her age!!
      Really?? Im sorry you were fed this crap…goes to show you how sick and perverted some men were back in those days.

  • Mashhood Ali

    Dear BigFaith I am agree to your statement that
    Muhammad married many wives and the rule of Islam “The Qur’an limits the number of wives to a maximum of four per man: Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if you fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess (Qur’an 4:3).” but the exact rule is that we can marry 4 wives at a time .. if one dies or you divorce one you can marry another and Our Prophet had never more than 4 wives at same time .

    • BigFaith

      Bukhari –
      vol.1 Book 5 ch.25 no.282 p.172-173 said that [at one time] Mohammed had nine wives.

      The authoritative Hadith by Bukhari states clearly that Muhammad had 9 wives at one time. In addition, many Islamic web sites and books agree that he had 9 at one time.

      The question is why? There are many speculative theories but the fact remains, Muhammad broke the Qur’an injunction of having a max number of wives of 4 at 1 time.

      I hope this gives you further info for study.

    • Sid

      Well, I am awfully shocked to see the ease with which you claim that your religion allows you to marry 4 women at a time.
      And as if it were not enough, you can marry another one if she gives you a divorce or dies.
      Guys, women are the most respectable beings in the world. They are mothers and sisters. And if Islam allows you to marry 4 women at a time, then I am sorry to say that this has to be changed. I understand that there might have been a logical reason to it some time back. But today, this law holds void and ridiculous. You are supposed to love your life partner from the soul and by having 4 wives, you can do justice to none.
      BTW, are women also allowed to have 4 husbands?
      If not, then Islam has to change or it will suffer a disastrous end at the hands of rational society like all the prejudices of the past did.

      • faisal

        can you ever hear about woman prophet. no no. because the man has higher authority. i know that woman is mother , sister, and wife but you should know that mother is controlled by father, sister is also obey his fathersr orders till he married. now in your countries a woman of your religion use dozens of person for sex, at that time why should you people not talk about it. because you are faith less who changed your Jesus book bible according to your own desires.

        • JK

          I thank God everyday that im not part of your “religion!”
          I had one sex partner…my husband! This animal beat me for 14 years until one day I had enough. He will never hurt anyone again….

  • khan uzair

    U jews an christan both are naked religion..this both religion specially in europe an america girls before marriage loose there verginity..sex is very easy to Do with anyone an with many in this two religion..an ha mr christan an jews first u look in ur religion then on anyone..

    • Yeah, but you’re a muslim. No insult you throw at us can ever compare to the elegance of….you’re a muslim.

    • JK

      Maybe because they dont marry at age 6…. o.O

  • Cena

    people’s ignorance is quite amusing while reading these comments. honestly this was not just in muslim societies it was also practiced among christians and jews around the same time. you can’t shun one religion while yours has the same history. and besides who is to say that everything was written down correctly? who’s to say that the 1000 year old papers we found documenting such events was even the truth? people will do anything to slander an opposing religion. look at what catholics did to followers of other religions or who didn’t believe it exactly as they were told to? the kings and queens of europe believed it their duty by God to burn these heretics or send them to death in some way. one woman was pregnant while she burned under Mary I rule and she gave birth to the child before the flames consumed her. the executioner picked up the child and threw it right back into the flames! cruelty in the name is God is nothing new. it does not falter my faith that God exists but i will not put my trust into ANYTHING that man has created whether it’s Jesus Christ’s apostles or Muhammad himself. i believe somewhere the truth lies within all religions of the world but we are too stubborn to piece it together. only thing we can do is the our life the way we believe is right and just and hope we are right when we die.

    • faisal

      you write that how can paper 1000 year old can be remained correct, i tell you how can these papers remained unchanged because this book Quran is protected by the Allah Who creat Hazrat Essa (jesush). then how can there is a change in book while it is protected by the Allah himself

      • Irish_Sunset

        I DO NOT RECOGNIZE ISLAM AS A RELIGION! It’s a “SATANIC” Cult ~ mohammad is “NOT” a Prophet! He was A murderous pedophile, that created a cult to promote rape, incest, pedophilia & murder! I have no problem letting all you sick twisted psychos practice your cult… just do it in YOUR Country, Not in My Christian Nation. You are the reason we bare Arms & always will.

        • Sandeep Thakur

          you are absolutely true a devilish man Mohammad justify his wrong doing for 23 years by saying he is getting messages from god. Can god be side of such a person who is lusty and cruel neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

        Cena. The Islamic people also have had problems with the Quran. Their were editions going around that were different to the original article. Muslim people were looking for these to destroy them. Even today, people can be terrible changing things when they shouldn’t

    • Yeah, that’s right. It’s STILL practised now in Islamic nations. Look at how Christianity and Judaism have moved on. How many fundamentalists are there of those faiths? Barely any! Even the Catholics had to accept the Theory of Evolution, thus admitteding the Bible to be faulty. Muslims still believe in the story of Adam and the Clay. Anyone who brings up the Crusades or Christianities past to justify the vile Islam of 2012 is truly grasping at straws.

      • ali

        darwin’s monkey who accept the Theory of Evolution???you fall behind the time

      • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

        That is very true. It still is practiced by a percentage of Muslims. Where as Jewish and Christian look upon it with disgust

      • David James
  • BigFaith

    In response to many of these comments one should distinguish between later adherents of a particular religion and the founders of the religion. The Catholic sect of Christianity is full of errors and does not accurately reflect the true faith. Islam claims to follow Jesus and many of the biblical founders so must be open to scrutiny and inspection. Logically, only one faith (Christianity, Judaism, or Islam) can be right in regards to salvation. Muhammad was in complete opposition to the teachings of early Christianity and he was also full of sin. He even admits his sinfulness in the Islamic Hadith. The true anchor of salvation is in the one who was perfect (Jesus). Muhammad was not only a pedophile but also a mass murderer himself. His religious genocidal pogroms against the Jews, his rape and pillage raids against innocent caravans, and injunctions to conquer the world by the sword for Allah should be sufficient reasons to disavow his claims of true prophet-hood under a holy God.

  • zaigham

    Big faith you are wrong because u say that muhammad pbuh married 16 women at a time but muhammad pbuh actualy married 11 but not at a time
    at a time only 4 only to support them and how can u say that muhammad married aisha when she was 10 years old and your bible has a new edition every year but it was changed way before and quran is the only pure book left others have become a mixture of lies one such mistake is that jesus is the son of god(naozobillah) because we know god has no kin nor any parents. How can you talk about our prophet that way when he is the greatest reformer and he is greatest leader

    • BigFaith

      In answer to your questions:
      1. Muhammad had 9 wives at 1 time based on this authoritative Islamic hadith as well as other Islamic historical sources (vol.1 Book 5 ch.25 no.282 p.172-173 said that [at one time] Mohammed had nine wives).
      2. Muhammad consummated his marriage to the girl Aisha when she was 9 years old. Aisha narrated: . . . my mother, um Ruman came to me while I was playing
      in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to
      her, not knowing what she wanted me to do. She caught me by the hand and
      made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when
      my breathing became allright, she took some water and rubbed my face
      and head with it. Then she took me into the house. . . . Unexpectedly,
      Allah’s Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over
      to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.
      This quotation was taken exactly from this Islamic hadith source (al-Boukhari, Hadith, vol. 5, no. 3894:88-9).
      3. I will soon post a new article on the Qur’an which will answer more of your questions.
      4. The Christians do have an authoritative Bible since the beginning of the church called the Majority Text Magna which is the basis for the King James Bible.
      The Old Testament has been proved to have been accurately translated with precision for over a 1000 year gap when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and then compared the Masoretic Hebrew Bible. The Bible remains accurate and precise even though others may disagree.

    • Grasping at straws…

  • Max

    May God have mercy on your soul and show you the right path one day. Insyaallah. We don’t insult your religion. Please stop insulting Islam and twisting the facts about our beautiful way of life and beloved Prophet S.A.W.

    • Max, you have been killing people for not accepting Islam… so don’t be so naive.

    • Fuck Islam.

      • ali

        fuck you youreself!!!! you crazy wild animal

        • Irish_Sunset

          islam is a “SATANIC” Cult ~ Mohammad is “NOT” a Prophet! He was A murderous pedophile, that created a cult to promote rape, incest, pedophilia & murder! You’re all filthy pigs……

      • Goofie


    • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

      O! Come on their. A lot of Muslims insult and criticize not just Christianity, also Jews and other religions all the time, especially in their own language.

  • faisal

    if some one believe that awkward text then i advice him or her to read Quran in English text. or meet any scholar of the world, then you came to know about the fact belongs to MUhammad Prophet. because this all above text is written by the illiterate and Kafar peoples who don’t believe on Hazrat Essa Jesus also.

  • Muslim only read Quran and Hadees… so they don’t know the history of Islam, what wrong doings were done by the Prophet and his Sabahas… so go… read Tareekh e Tabri and then think

    • ali

      read what history? read you mom‘s history????or read… change your name Wahab hammed

  • NO

    Religion in general treats women like garbage. There is no God.

  • Peace

    Islam and all other religions should be banned as it is the cause of most wars and they twist the religion to suit themselves. Mohammad never killed innocent people but now look at the muslims of today. The original Islam is no longer present.. Now Muslims are a bunch of terrorists not willing to integrate into the rest of society and using religion for political gains.

    • cute_girl

      oh..really…i must say u..that even christian are the terrorists…n every other religion people who hurt other people are terrorists….must say…u knw the reality and are just faking it…

      • lol. You are a retard. Celebrate the faith that has robbed you of an education and a brain, that endorses child rape and human sacrifice. You’re lucky the rest of us grew up otherwise you wouldn’t have the cars, buildings, internet, telephone or indeed rocket launchers that Islam depends on.

        • ali

          robbed you of an education and a brain?????? brain poisooned rubbish ,,,,,,you are only speaking by your will and by you feeling ….lol. You are a retard. read something then speak….

  • cute_girl

    u vl surely b into hell man…how can u write such a thing…i must..say…proudly ISLAM IZ THE BEST RELIGION…n all guyz are just jealous of muslims…ur this much rumours are showing that WE MUSLIMS ARE THE BEST …

    • Who’s jealous of muslims? LOL.

    • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

      Cute_Girl. No ones jealous of your religion. People are very concerned for you and other children in your religion that still practice child marriage. People look upon Islam and see a lot of Islamic people quoting the Quran, to do bad things to others and their own people. Actions speck louder than words.

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  • Masson Cedric
  • Emma Jakosalem Campbell

    The problem is not the practice, has it was in ancient times. We can’t do anything about changing ancient history. It is the practice that is still occurring today! That is the big problem. This is still a serious issue, that needs to be dealt with. for those that marry children off, whether it be parents, the ministers of religion or the adult spouse that agrees to marrying a child. All needs to be punished.