• true-person

    This is spammic misleading quotes….

  • badshah

    You stupid soon Allah will punish you

  • cute_girl

    poor people…with lack of knowledge..may ALLAH HAVE MERCY ON U….islam vl b same as it was at the tym of Muhammed(s.a.w), now…n even after …ur misleading quotes cant affect the pure Religion ISLAM…

  • mourad abidi

    the prophet
    muhammed married aisha that is not rape , what about joseph he was 90 years old
    when he married mary who was only 12
    years old , do you think joseph is pedophile ?????? read about the marriage of
    joseph and mary the mother of jesus at
    the catholic encyclopedia at:

    Allah is not the moon god , the moon god
    is called ” Wadd” and ‘’
    Amm “ in the Arabian
    mythology read :

    and the moon god is called
    ‘’ Sin” in the Mesopotamian
    mythology (now Iraq ) read :

    Please read this website :

    . it says that jesus and his disciples spoke the
    aramaic language , and I have for you here the website of the aramaic english
    dictionary :

    . please go to this online aramaic english
    dictionary and translate the word ” God” , you will see that the
    translation of the word God in aramaic is ” ALLAH ” , wich means
    jesus and his disciples when they pray God they actually say ” oh ALLAH
    ” . Wich means jesus and his disciples worshipped ” ALLAH “.
    Also the moslims when they pray they put their forehead on the ground , well
    jesus also when he prayed God he put his face on the ground , you can find in
    Matthew 26:39 that jesus when he prayed God he put his face on the ground
    exactly like moslims when they pray. So jesus prayed like moslims exactly wich
    mean jesus was MOSLIM.

  • hassan shabazz

    Sarah are ch 41 verse 37 condemned the worship of Sun and moon by saying prostrate not to the Sun are the moon but prostrate to Allah if you believe if Allah is a moon God why would he tell his worshipers not to prostrate to Sun and moon?

    • hassan shabazz

      I want to repeat a post that I mention on ch 5_verse 90 on stone worship in quran it says oh you who believe wine gambling. sacrificing to stones is a. Abomination and Satan’s hand I work if stone worship is condeemedvim quran Kareem why would some of Muslims pperticipate in it when one of the words in arabic is tahghut which mean s to worship are reverence anything are object besides Allah ta Ala

      • hassan shabazz

        By the way taught means idolatry are false deities besides Allah ta Ala. Most high

        • hassan shabazz

          Correction on spelling. Taught Means idolatry, Or False Dieitys. And the black stone, when people kiss,cry or reverence it, is a false dieity it’s. Shirk which means too associate partner’s. with Allah Most High.

  • hassan shabazz

    Bibcal quotes that correspond to Sarah 5 ch5 in quran verse 90 on stone and tree worship Leviticus 26verse 1 don’t bow to stone are have it in your land 2 Jeremiah 2_27_30 saying to a tree you are my father and to stone you brought me forth theses. Two verses ilastrate is real practice of tahgut False dietiy.

  • hassan shabazz

    Isaiah 65_11 talks about the God of Destiny are the God of good luck this corresponds whith some English translation on ch 5verse 90 in quran on wine where it says arrows of luck the God Baal is called Lord of arrows signifying luck the pagan Arabs would pour wine on there ansabs stone idols this is why Allah ta ala most highly banded wine because it was associated whith wine in Isaiah 65_11 it talks about drink offerings are wine poured on stones hebrew word at San stone idols see strongs6090and 6091