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Jul 29

William Branham’s Seven Visions of America

William Marion Branham was one of the early pioneers of the Pentecostal movement. His ministry was confirmed with mighty signs and wonders. He had seven major continuous visions that came to him one Sunday morning in June 1933. These revelatory visions appear designed to unfold in successive order over many decades.         …

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Feb 04

Islamic Torture: Burning – Crucifixion – Amputation- Stoning – Beheading – Mutilation – Acid – Impalement – Rape

Some Muslim clerics claim burning people is not Islamic and forbidden. However, there are contradictory statements within Islam’s own literature. Here are a few examples: Historical source for burning:  Muhammad’s conquest of Khaybar: “Kinana b. al-Rabi`, who had the custody of the treasure of B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about …

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Feb 02

ستواں حصہ جہاد

  بارہواں باب ابتدائی اسلامی سلطنت دی پالیسی مقدس جنگ دا دفاع ایں قدیم رسماں توں منسوب ھے، کہ جہاد دے تصور نیں لازوال نقش مغربیاں دے ذہناں تے چھڈے نیں تاں حقیقت وچ جہاد کی ھے تھامس ہیگس بیان کردے نیں  کہ جہاد دی اصلاح اسلامی ڈکشنری وچ : ‘‘ اسلامی عقیدیاں دی انسائکلیو …

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Feb 02

تیجا حصہ۔ محمد

باب ۶ محمد دا جادومنتر جادو منتر تے بائبل دااظہار محمد اتےجادو منتر دے وچکار موازنے دی چھان بین کردے ہوئے ، بائبل دا اک نمونہ پہلاں قائم کرنا ضروری ھے ۔ تہذیب دے شروع وچ پیچھاں غور کردے ہوئے جادو منتر دا فن خیال کیتا جاندا رھیا ھے ۔ ۔ مائیکل ہارنر، نیویارک اکیڈیمی …

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Dec 24

Rome’s Purge of Christians in the Military

Throughout history, a general purging of the military remains a persistent theme in tyrannical regimes. Absolute obedience to the state collective was considered imperative. The ruling elite feared any opposition or usurpation among the armed forces and were the first targets in screening their loyalty. Rome’s greatest purging of Christians in the military began around …

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Sep 28


An intricately woven tapestry of history, legend and folklore that propels us back into a mysterious time; alongside one of the most famous personages to wield a sword.

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Sep 18

Biblical Scriptures Regarding Armed Self-Defense

“Turn the Other Cheek” in Context One of the most misunderstood biblical passages concerns the statement by Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew 5:38-39:             “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever …

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Sep 10

Newly Released Ebook! A shocking, riveting, intriguing re-discovery of history, culture, philosophy and the emerging of a key individual that became the instrument to catapult the Islamic religion. The impact of ancient Arabian folklore with its stone and astral cults, shamanism, various Judaic traditions, heretical sects within Christianity, and prevalent moon-god veneration, all rolled together in the …

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Jan 29

Gun Confiscation as Prelude to the Armenian Genocide

The Islamic Turks had fought many wars and committed many heinous crimes of war leading up to their eventual collapse. Into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the Muslim invasions had continued relentlessly. From 1894-1896, the Turkish Muslims slaughtered over 250,000 Armenian Christians. In 1904 and 1909, another 30,000 Armenians were murdered. Once again, in 1915, …

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Jun 30

Hyperinflation and Tyranny in Diocletian’s Rome

Military Expansion: In 284 C.E. the Senior Augustus, Diocletian expanded the Roman legions fourfold. The empire was at its apex of expansion. The Byzantine author, Lydus, records Diocletian’s army at 389,704 soldiers and 45,562 in the navy fleet. The army had always taken the largest portion of the empire’s budget.

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