Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 28

The Crusades – Definition Versus Myths


  When the word “Crusade” is injected into a conversation many divergent views and mental images often emerge. Unfortunately, many of the perceived modern myths surrounding the “Crusades” are exactly that, myths.

Feb 26

Muhammad’s Encounter With A Demon In Cave Hira


Frequently, Muhammad had visitations and conversed with a spirit that identified himself as Gabriel. Contrary to biblical teaching, the scriptures verified opposing narratives, which states that once or twice in the lifetime of a saint that the angels contacted them in the Tanach and New Testament. To the contrary, in shamanism, the greater number of …

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Feb 23

The “Mark of the Beast” and Islam

Vaticanus A.D. 350

The Mark of the Beast The number of the beast has been an enigma since the Book of Revelation was written. Many interpret the mark as a high tech device implanted into or onto the right hand or forehead. This scenario remains possible. However, could there be an alternative explanation? The following analysis is only …

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